My Wife Never Wants to Make Love – The Ugly Truth To Why This Is Happening and a Solution to Fix It!


My Wife Never Wants to Make LoveAre you stuck in a marriage where you’re saying my wife never wants to make love, and you want to find a way to turn it around?

If you’re getting impatient with your wife’s lack of interest in making love to you, and you feel like it’s about to ruin your marriage, then it’s time you learned the ugly truth about why this is really happening, and what to do about it.

The ugly truth is that it’s more your fault than your wife’s, and the reason she doesn’t want to make love to you is because she’s not attracted to you. But you can turn this around…

How to Go from My Wife Never Wants to Make Love to My Wife Always Wants to Make Love! ALWAYS!

I’m guessing that you may not have expected me to pin this on you. You probably wanted to read about how messed up and mean your wife is and that she’s at fault. You probably wanted to hear that this is what happens normally in a marriage and that you shouldn’t worry, and that it will all pass like a bad dream.

Sorry, I wish I could tell you that.

But the truth is that you haven’t been doing the things, and acting in a way that creates attraction in your wife to where she not only wants to make love when you want to, but actually initiates and wants to make love to you all the time. A point to where she is on the brink of obsessed with you.

Nah, that doesn’t happen for married couples right? That’s just for the single guys! Wrong, wrong, wrong!

It happens in marriage where men act like men, and they know how to get their wife immensely attracted to them, and keep that attraction running a high fever.

You see, your wife isn’t attracted to you anymore because you’ve stopped acting in the one way that truly gets her attraction glands flowing. It’s what women want down to their core. It’s what they’ve wanted and looked for subconsciously for thousands of years, and it’s stuck in their DNA.

And the truth is, if you asked her she wouldn’t probably even know how to verbalize the fact that she wants a MAN! She wants an alpha male, who is the leader of the family, and acts that way. She doesn’t want what nearly every man in a relationship becomes which is a beta male, who has been beaten into submission by their wife.

This comes directly from the fact that your wife doesn’t really understand on a conscious level what she really wants in a man that will make her highly attracted, and make you never say again my wife never wants to make love.

But the results speak for themselves when you actually DO start acting like an alpha male, by acting on the traits of a true leader in a relationship.

So now the question is how you become this man that your wife wants you to be.

How do you become the guy who never has to say my wife never wants to make love?

There are some very precise things that you must do to become that guy and turn this around very fast. There are 3 traits that will get you there fast…find out what they are by clicking here now!