My Wife is About to Leave – What You Need to Do to Stop Your Wife From Walking Out the Door…


My Wife Is About to LeaveIf you’re in a position where you’re saying my wife is about to leave, then no doubt you need to act fast.

The chances are that you CAN fix this if you just start doing a few things differently.

This article will explain what those things are and how you can start today.

Why You’re Likely Saying My Wife Is About to Leave

There are a few reasons that your wife would want to leave you. There IS one reason that I can’t do anything about. I can’t help you if you’re an abusive ass. If you’re abusing your wife, and now she wants to leave you, then just congratulate her and let her go. Leave her alone, and go get help.

Now there’s also the possibility that you’ve cheated and been messing around with other women. This may actually be fixable, but you DO need to get some help. And you need to do some serious make up work, to get the trust issues back on track.

With that out of the way, there’s the other chance that your wife has just fallen out of love with you and now she wants out of the marriage. It might not be exactly that, but for the most part, if your wife wants to leave you…she’s pretty much over you.

Your job, if you’re saying my wife is about to leave is to turn this around, and get her back to feeling like she can’t be without you.

Chances are that when you and she first met, she was having those feelings. Can you remember back in your “honeymoon” period where she couldn’t get enough of you?

If you can, you need to start thinking about how good that felt. How it was to have her almost addicted to you.

There’s a major reason that she was feeling that way. What you think is “true love” is actually more simple than that.

Now I’m not saying that she wasn’t in love with you, but people tend to make this whole “true love” thing too complicated. Love is real. True love between a man and women are real. But why does it fade? Why after years of marriage do so many people say things like “I love him but I’m not in love with him?” Where does that “love” go?

Well the problem is that the love is actually a symptom of something else. It’s a symptom of ATTRACTION.

How to Get Your Marriage to Where You’re No Longer Saying My Wife Is About to Leave…

So chances are that your wife is simply not attracted to you anymore.

Now you may be thinking it’s because you have let yourself go, or that you haven’t been as attentive to her “feelings” as you used to be. Maybe you’re thinking I’m going to say that you haven’t taken her out on enough dates, or bought her enough flowers, or special gifts.

I’m not going to say any of that actually.

What I’m going to say is that you haven’t been being the guy that women (not just your wife actually) are attracted to.

You’ve become what they call in the seduction and pick-up artist world as a beta male. This happens a lot in marriage, and the reason is simple. In fact it happened to me actually until I figures out a way to fix it and turn it on it’s head so that my wife is now totally attracted to me.

The reason it happens is because you start doing all the things that seem like they’re going to be easier to deal with.

Life is tough, and tiring. Especially if there are kids as well. So we starting doing things like deferring decisions to the wife instead of making them ourselves. We start taking her lead and letting her make the playbook. We stop stating our opinions and just start agreeing, rather than having our own opinions. We stop taking the lead.

We stop being alpha!

Now let’s not mix this up like some of my newsletter readers tend to do. Some misinterpret this as thinking that you have to turn into a douche bag, and start treating your wife like crap. That’s not at all what this is about.

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This is about simply leading, and you can lead by never being demanding, and never being mean, and never being negative. And you can, and should do it by absolutely loving your wife and showing her all the respect that she deserves.

However there are a few certain traits that you need to develop to do this. It’s called becoming a man again. And once you start the process you’ll be amazed at how quickly it starts to turn things around for you and your marriage.

If you do things correctly, you’ll end up with a wife who nearly worships you, and is insanely attracted to you again. It doesn’t take much, but not many men have the courage to try.

At least in your situation you’ve got not much to lose right?

After All…You’re Already Saying My Wife Is About to Leave

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My Wife Doesn’t Appreciate Me – The Best Way to Turn This Around Quickly…


My Wife Doesn't Appreciate MeIf you’re in marriage where you’re saying my wife doesn’t appreciate me, then you’re likely feeling like you’re at your wits end.

It’s probably because YOU feel like you’ve been doing everything that you’re supposed to as a husband…

• Working your butt off…
• Taking care of the kids…
• Helping with housework…
• Keeping the cars running and maintained…
• Dealing with inlaws cordially (even when you don’t want to)
• Etc…

…and it still gets you nowhere.

You’re it shouldn’t be this way!

You Shouldn’t Be Stuck Feeling Like My Wife Doesn’t Appreciate Me…

But you are, and now you’re wondering what to do about it.

This happens more than you might think in marriages actually. One of the biggest causes for divorce, or for men cheating for that matter is that men don’t feel appreciated. Often times they’re not appreciated…while other times they are…but the wife just has a poor way of showing it.

We could of course sit here and talk about how terrible your wife is, and how evil she is…but what’s that going to do for anybody? Nothing at all. The thing we need to get down to the bottom of is WHY you feel this way.

Does Your Wife Really Not Appreciate You? It’s Likely Actually YOUR FAULT!

If you’re saying my wife doesn’t appreciate me, and you’re absolutely right, then the question is why doesn’t she?

Well, it could be that you’re trying to get her to appreciate the wrong things that actually don’t mean as much as you think it does.

I’m going to give you an example from my actual marriage in a minute…

But first I want to explain something that you may not realize, and nobody has ever had the guts or knowledge to tell you. That is…

It’s very likely that you don’t know what’s important to your wife, and what she’ll appreciate, and more importantly…she likely doesn’t know it either on a conscious level.

Subconciously she knows and there are certain things that she’ll react to and completely appreciate you for, but unless you’re doing the right things, and hitting those right buttons, you’ll keep being disappointed over and over again.

Why I Was Saying My Wife Doesn’t Appreciate Me…

There was a time in my marriage that I was going through this exact same thing. I did everything humanly possible to get my wife to appreciate me, even some of the things that she actually told me that she wanted me to do.

I therefore would help out around the house and make dinner very often. I did this over and over, and she never really seemed to be affected by it, nor appreciate it like logic would say she should.

After doing some research and studying however, I realized that while I was doing those things, I’d very often leave many of the major decisions to her, very often relentlessly checking in with her before making the wrong decision. Turns out that this was wrong, and wasn’t giving her the main reason that she needs, deep down to her core to appreciate me…which is…LEADERSHIP!

You see, taking the lead in a relationship is what women truly appreciate and need. Once I started to do this, things turned around quickly.

And the best part was that as long as I was making decisions, and leading the family…I didn’t catch hell when I didn’t get around to helping her with stuff around the house, etc.

In fact, even though I like doing that, and have continued I was more praised and rewarded for doing that…but at the same rarely condemned when I didn’t.

The reason is simple. Women are hard-wired by nature and millions of years of evolution to want a leader, or as some say an alpha male. They want to feel like their mate is protecting them and leading them through life, so that they can concentrate on the more domestic side. That’s science working and it’s hard for women to even realize it on a deep level sometimes.

However it works wonders when they receive that.

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My Wife Cheated On Me – Finally The Truth About Whether This Means the End of Your Marriage or Not!


My Wife Cheated on MeAre you in a marriage where you’re saying my wife cheated on me, and you have no idea where to turn now?

There’s literally probably very little in the world that hurts as bad as having your wife cheat on you, whether that be through an emotional affair or a physical affair.

Right now you’re probably going out of your mind trying to figure out what to do next. You’re thinking my wife hates me and you’re wondering why.

Things You May Be Asking Yourself If You’re Saying My Wife Cheated On Me

• Should you stay and give her a chance, or should you kick her butt to the curb?
• Will you ever be able to get these images out of your head?
• How did you not see the signs that these things were happening?
• How can you make sure that nothing like this ever happens again?

First of all, though you feel totally alone right now, you’re absolutely not. There are tons and tons of men going through the same thing that you’re going through right now.

They’re all asking the same questions. They’re all wondering the same things.

The worst part is if you have kids it’s even that much harder.

It’s hard to end a relationship when you have kids. And you don’t want to taint the kids because you’re stuck saying “my wife cheated on me.” The kids shouldn’t have to suffer.

There’s no easy way through this. But the question on your mind right now is probably more along the lines of…

Should You Try to Keep the Marriage Alive If You’re Saying My Wife Cheated On Me?

This is the difficult decision that you have to make.

Let’s first consider whether this is someone who is a “serial cheater” or if this was just a one time slip up. You don’t want to be married to a serial cheater. If it’s a pattern then I would strongly consider getting out and understanding that there are billions of moral women on the planet who won’t cheat on you.

If you are going to decide to forgive her, you have to do things extremely right before you end up right in the same boat. You may forgive, but you never want to forget that’s for sure.

You also don’t want to spend the rest of your life looking over her shoulder and wondering what she’s doing. There will have to be some strong boundaries set.

Likewise, you don’t want to spend the rest of your lives together making her feel like crap because she made a mistake. It was a bad mistake yes, a terrible one in fact, but that’s no way to live YOUR life.

What’s also important is that you learn to become the man that she’s attracted to where she won’t feel the need, or desire, to stray and cheat on you. It’s pretty simple, that at one point when you guys first met, or were dating, she was so attracted to YOU that you never had to worry about her cheating.

Well that’s the attraction that you need to get back for the future if you’re going to stay married. However that’s down the road…

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What You Really Need to Know If You’re Saying My Wife Cheated On Me…

Right now you have to know that there is actually a way for your marriage to come out of this thing stronger and better than ever before.

Now I know that sounds crazy, and it might sound impossible, but it’s true. In fact, in many cases as I’ve learned, getting through infidelity in a marriage can be a blessing in disguise.

I do believe that the reason is that it causes you to really face things in your marriage and your life. It causes you as a man, like mentioned above, to find out if YOU have a pattern of not being enough of a man, and setting boundaries.

There’s a lot to it.

Your betrayal may seem like the worst experience of your life. AND IT IS, WHILE YOU’RE ENDURING THE PAIN!! I mean come on, you’re saying my wife cheated on me…

But it may actually be the BEST.

Betrayal pushes a shaky relationship to mend much stronger or to finally end!

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My Wife Argues All the Time – What You Need to Do Starting Today In This Situation


My Wife Argues All the TimeIf you’re worried about your marriage, and saying my wife argues all the time, there are a couple of things that you need to clearly know.

First of all, you’re not alone by a long shot.

Husbands and wives argue all the time, and usually there’s one spouse that does the majority of the arguing. In your case it happens to be your wife, which is probably fifty percent of marriages.

The difference is that you’re taking control and looking to do something about it. For that you should be very proud of yourself.

So Why Are You Saying My Wife Argues All the Time?

So here’s the bummer part…

Though it’s not your fault that your wife argues all the time… it is likely your fault that it’s gone on as long as it has.

The problem that most husbands have is that they fail to realize that they usually give their wives exactly what they’re looking for when they start an argument, which is attention. Like children, adults will do almost anything and everything for attention one way or another. And 99% of the time, arguments are started as a plea for attention.

What You Shouldn’t Do If You’re Saying My Wife Argues All the Time

Most husbands and boyfriends get sucked right in because they react right away. They hear something, whether in tone, or in words, and they react to it…therefore fulfilling their wives wishes, and showing her that it worked.

This of course just reinforces the fact that it will likely work again the next time, and so the pattern continues.

Therefore, if you’re saying my wife hates me, or my wife argues all the time, you’ve probably been playing right into her, and re-enforcing the behavior over and over, when what you should have done was simply ignore the behavior.

Of course that’s what you need to do now…ignore the behavior. It might take some time now, but if you stop reacting to her every whim…even though it can be annoying as hell and hard to bite your tongue…you’ll soon see the arguing begin to halt slowly. The fact is humans don’t do things unless they’re seeing the result that they’re after.

If there’s no result then there’s no action.

What May Likely Be Another Part of the Problem if You’re Saying My Wife Argues All the Time

If you’re stuck in a marriage where your wife always argues, then another problem is that your wife doesn’t respect you as a man.

Now I’m not saying that she shouldn’t argue because you’re a man – no machismo here – but the fact is that often what happens when a man is saying my wife argues all the time is that the woman doesn’t see the man as the head of the house.

She doesn’t see you as the king of the castle, and believe it or not…down deep inside…to her core…that’s the type of man she is looking for. She might not say it, admit it, or even know it, but what she needs from you is to be a strong leader of the family.

By not arguing with her anymore you will begin to show her that you’re beginning to be that man that she needs in her life. But there’s more to it in order to get it right, and in or to be able to stop saying my wife always argues.

If you want to find out what to do and how to be able to stop saying my wife argues all the time, as well as my wife respects me…and nearly seems to be worshipping the ground I walk on lately because of the way I’m acting…then click here now!