My Wife Has No Libido – How Can I Get My Wife to Want to Be Intimate and Make Love Again?


My Wife Has No LibidoIf you’re in a marriage where your wife has no libido, no longer wants to be intimate or make love with you, and you don’t understand why… this article will explain just what to do?

First of all you should really be patting yourself on the back right now for actually researching how you can do something about it.

Most men will just let this happen, and let their marriage end up failing, because they make the mistake of thinking that this is just what normally happens in marriage.

Reason You May Be Stuck Thinking My Wife Has No Libido

First of all, there are times that it’s not really anything that you’re doing wrong, but instead it’s something physical on your wife’s part. She may have some medical issues, physical body issues, or even mental body issues that’s affecting this.

If that’s the case then your only job is to support her through it, that’s your role as a husband.

But it’s probably not very wise to simply ASSUME that that’s what’s going on. More than likely, it’s because she’s simply not attracted to you anymore.


That does sting a bit to hear, I’ll admit that. In fact I went through it at times in my own marriage where my wife wasn’t attracted to me anymore, my wife had no libido, and I could feel her growing more and more distant, almost by the day.

However, I wasn’t about to have this take my marriage down, or take my love life away from me with my wife.

I was determined to figure out how to fix this. Of course like most men, like you may be thinking right now, I thought that there was something sexual that I needed to do, or start doing. I thought I just wasn’t cutting it in the love department. Well, actually who knows. Maybe I wasn’t.

But what was really wrong was that I wasn’t cutting it in the marriage department. Worse I had stopped being the TRUE man that she needed in order to desire me to want to have an intimate relationship with.

I had lost much of my alpha male, leadership qualities. After some research I found that those qualities are what almost everyone woman in the world sees as attractive in men. And the funny part was that most women don’t even realize this. They don’t even realize that the reason they have no libido when it comes to their husband is because that he’s no longer acting the way that she needs him to act.

Those desires are engrained deep down into her DNA, down to her core, from way back in the caveman days.

You see, you may think that in marriage that stuff just goes away. You may think my wife has no libido and never wants to be intimate, but I’m just at that point in my marriage.

But the truth is that it doesn’t always happen in every marriage. Some men have wives that are ultra attracted to them from the day they’re married and it never ends. That’s because these guys have the traits that their wives need them to have so they never have to say my wife has no libido.

So now the question is how you become this man that your wife wants you to be.

How do you become the guy who never has to say my wife has no libido?

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