My Wife Argues All the Time – What You Need to Do Starting Today In This Situation


My Wife Argues All the TimeIf you’re worried about your marriage, and saying my wife argues all the time, there are a couple of things that you need to clearly know.

First of all, you’re not alone by a long shot.

Husbands and wives argue all the time, and usually there’s one spouse that does the majority of the arguing. In your case it happens to be your wife, which is probably fifty percent of marriages.

The difference is that you’re taking control and looking to do something about it. For that you should be very proud of yourself.

So Why Are You Saying My Wife Argues All the Time?

So here’s the bummer part…

Though it’s not your fault that your wife argues all the time… it is likely your fault that it’s gone on as long as it has.

The problem that most husbands have is that they fail to realize that they usually give their wives exactly what they’re looking for when they start an argument, which is attention. Like children, adults will do almost anything and everything for attention one way or another. And 99% of the time, arguments are started as a plea for attention.

What You Shouldn’t Do If You’re Saying My Wife Argues All the Time

Most husbands and boyfriends get sucked right in because they react right away. They hear something, whether in tone, or in words, and they react to it…therefore fulfilling their wives wishes, and showing her that it worked.

This of course just reinforces the fact that it will likely work again the next time, and so the pattern continues.

Therefore, if you’re saying my wife hates me, or my wife argues all the time, you’ve probably been playing right into her, and re-enforcing the behavior over and over, when what you should have done was simply ignore the behavior.

Of course that’s what you need to do now…ignore the behavior. It might take some time now, but if you stop reacting to her every whim…even though it can be annoying as hell and hard to bite your tongue…you’ll soon see the arguing begin to halt slowly. The fact is humans don’t do things unless they’re seeing the result that they’re after.

If there’s no result then there’s no action.

What May Likely Be Another Part of the Problem if You’re Saying My Wife Argues All the Time

If you’re stuck in a marriage where your wife always argues, then another problem is that your wife doesn’t respect you as a man.

Now I’m not saying that she shouldn’t argue because you’re a man – no machismo here – but the fact is that often what happens when a man is saying my wife argues all the time is that the woman doesn’t see the man as the head of the house.

She doesn’t see you as the king of the castle, and believe it or not…down deep inside…to her core…that’s the type of man she is looking for. She might not say it, admit it, or even know it, but what she needs from you is to be a strong leader of the family.

By not arguing with her anymore you will begin to show her that you’re beginning to be that man that she needs in her life. But there’s more to it in order to get it right, and in or to be able to stop saying my wife always argues.

If you want to find out what to do and how to be able to stop saying my wife argues all the time, as well as my wife respects me…and nearly seems to be worshipping the ground I walk on lately because of the way I’m acting…then click here now!