My Wife Wants a Divorce I Don’t – What Nobody Else Will Tell You About This Very Crucial Problem

My Wife Wants a Divorce I Don'tIf you’re in a situation where you’re saying my wife wants a divorce I don’t, then this might be the most important thing you’ve ever read.

Right now is a crucial time in your marriage, and if you listen to most other so called “experts” you’ll probably end up screwed.

I’m about to tell you what most won’t.

The Truth to Why You’re Saying My Wife Wants a Divorce I Don’t

So here’s the deal. You’re saying my wife wants a divorce and you’re worried sick over it right?

Well there’s a good chance that if you haven’t done anything that you feel is major, like cheating, or being abusive, then it’s actually still your fault…but a much easier fix to your problem. That is unless the damage is beyond repair. But if it’s the case of what I’m about to share with you then it’s likely not permanently broken.

The truth is that your wife wants a divorce because you’re not the MAN that she wants.

Now you’re saying duh, I know that. But look at that word man in the last sentence. Did you notice that it’s capitalized? It’s capitalized because when I say man, I mean you’re not the kind of man that she NEEDS in order to be attracted to and want to be with you.

The kind of man a woman needs is simple. Your wife, to her core…and it’s genetically implanted into her DNA so it’s not even her fault – needs an alpha type of man. Your wife cannot be attracted to a beta man who has basically been proverbially castrated, even though (and this is where it gets tough to understand) she may have been the one to castrate you.

The fact is that your wife probably doesn’t even understand that she wants or needs this.

But This is Different, and Not Why I’m Saying My Wife Wants a Divorce I Don’t

I’ve been giving marriage advice for a while now online, and have a lot of husbands coming to me saying “yeah but this is different.” They tell me that they’ve got this specific problem, or that specific problem that doesn’t relate to what I’m saying.

But then when I explain to them that specific problems are simply symptoms of this fact that their wife isn’t attracted to the beta man that they’ve become, then they begin to realize that what I’m saying is correct.

You see, if your wife is highly attracted to you because she looks at you as the alpha male of the home. If she sees you as the guy who is in charge, as a leader who is the king of the castle, then all of the symptoms begin to disappear.

What begins to appear fortunately is a surge in physical and sexual attraction. Those are the symptoms of you being the alpha male. This happens in the dating the world and it happens equally as well in the world of marriage. Women don’t change because of their marital status. They’ve always been looking for that alpha male, you probably just played the part better when you were just dating. Or she simply didn’t live with you, so she didn’t see it in you.

Or like I said above, she may have unknowingly castrated your manhood basically, little by little…not understanding that she was creating her own version of a man that she’s not attracted to.

If you’re saying my wife wants a divorce I don’t, then you need to realize this IS likely your huge problem.

But how do you turn into this MAN that your wife wants you to be, and what is that exactly? How do you get to a point where you’re no longer saying my wife wants a divorce?

There are some very specific things that you can do to turn this around extremely fast…to find out exactly how click here now!