My Wife Says She Is Not In Love With Me – Help…What Do I Do to Get Her Back?

My Wife Says She Is Not In Love With MeAre you in a position where you’re stuck saying my wife says she is not in love with me?

Having anyone say they don’t love you anymore is a painful experience. This is even more so when it comes from one so dear to your heart…someone like um…your wife.

How could she say that? After all those years of hard work that I put into this relationship to make it work. Doesn’t she know how much I love and care for her? How could my wife say that she isn’t in love with me?


Before you proceed in a destructive and ultimately meaningless downward spiral of self-pity and hatred, I want to make something clear to you. When you wife says that she doesn’t love you anymore, she doesn’t really mean it.


Well let me explain. When females think and communicate, they do so primarily base on emotions. Those words are in reality a desperate plea of help. Trust me when I say this… but females hate divorces much more than us men. The fact that she’s here, sharing her feelings with you, is a sign that she still cares for you and this marriage. She hasn’t given up hope.

That means that the situation is salvageable.

Before you run off to book an appointment with your therapist or marriage counsellor, I want to point out something to you.

Despite the sheer amount of money, time and effort invested into these so called “therapies”, the United States still ranks among the top 10 countries with the highest divorce rates. What I am driving at is that these so called “counsellors” are in fact just as clueless as you are when it comes to salvaging relationships. If you know a couple who’s been to “therapy” before, you probably know just how helpful it was.

My Wife Says She Is Not In Love With Me – So What Do I Do?

I want you to throw out the conventional wisdom and whatever preconceived notions that you have of how females function. There’s a simple explanation why everyone out there is failing – their methods are just plain wrong.

First off, you need to know that females function on very different levels from us. We males, tend to make our decisions based on logical reasoning. And that works great most of the time. However, this approach fails us when we try to “work things out” with our partners.

Females are programmed biologically to make their decisions based on emotions and feelings. When we sit down and talk about “our feelings”, it doesn’t work because we are approaching it from two entirely different angles.

The solution? Appeal to her emotions and create attraction!

You need to stop rationalizing her behaviour and start acting. Become the man that she once fell in love with. You need to stoke the feelings of passion and love and get her engaged and interested with you once again. By seizing the day (and her heart), she will rediscover the feelings that she always had for you. In doing so, the words “My wife says she is not in love with me..” will soon be a thing of the past… Click here to see exactly what I did.