My Wife Is Always Angry – How the Heck Do You Solve This Fast Without a Divorce?

If you’re saying my wife is always angry, then you’re not alone.

I get emails all the time with guys in this exact situation, and it seems that very few people really know what to do about it.

Most husbands are afraid to do anything when they’re wife is always angry, because they’re afraid that they’re going to just make her more angry. But you’ll learn in a minute why you SHOULD be doing some of the last things on earth that you might think you should be doing. Keep reading and I’ll explain. But first…

Why You’re Stuck Saying My Wife Is Always Angry, and Why I’m NOT Anymore

First of all, she’s likely angry because you haven’t held up your part of the bargain.

What? I know it’s hard to hear, but she’s likely more disappointed than angry down deep, and the way that she let’s that disappointment out is thru anger.

Why is she disappointed in you? It’s likely because you’re failing to be the MAN that she needs you to be. You’re failing to be the man that she MUST have in order to feel attraction for you. So, she’s sort of stuck in a way. She’s married to you, and probably morally doesn’t want to go out and cheat on you…but she’s probably very annoyed at the fact that you’ve become such a beta-male…or should I say…a wussy!

Ok, so let me explain this a little better…so you can completely understand why you’re saying my wife is always angry

You’re saying my wife is always angry, because you’ve failed to be the man that every woman needs to have in their life, in order to feel attraction for that man.

When your wife is highly attracted to you, then her anger dissipates and she actually becomes not only extremely nice to you, but she becomes almost obsessed with you. And the funny thing is that one of the ways that you make her become more attracted to you, and less mad at you, is by doing some things that you would think would completely piss her off.

You see, women don’t truly know what they want. They think they want a man who is basically sissified and has no balls until they get that mad. Then they get disappointed that they don’t have a real man, an alpha male sort of man, and then they start showing that through anger. Then you’re stuck saying my wife is always angry…where did I go wrong?

In other words, if you’ve been bowing down to your wife, and at her beck and call every step of the way…and showing no leadership or “man of the house” type of characteristics, then your wife is severely disappointed. That also goes if you’ve been like a little puppy dog, not looking or talking to other women, and not doing what you want.

I’m not telling you to be a jerk in any way here. I’m telling you to be a bit of a challenge to your wife. And the easiest way to be a challenge to her is to be a man that doesn’t bow down to her. Basically being a guy who does what he wants, when he wants, and expects the family to follow his lead.

Now I know this may seem scary right now. This may seem completely ass backwards to you right now, but it’s exactly what you have to do so that you’re not stuck FOREVER saying my wife is always angry.

But… you have to do it right. I’ve broken down how to do it for you. If you want to find out how to get your wife to stop being angry, mad, nasty, and disappointed in you…and get her feeling a level of attraction for you that actually might scare you a bit…then click here right now (before someone else makes her feel that way.)

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