My Wife Constantly Criticizes Me

Are you stuck in a marriage where you’re helplessly saying my wife always criticizes me? It’s troublesome, to be honest downright annoying.

But the truth is that you created the environment for this to happen, and now you have to create the environment where it WON’T happen. But you’ve got to do it right or things can just get worse…and fast!

What To Do When You’re in a Marriage Where You’re Saying My Wife Constantly Criticizes Me

There’re really only a few good reasons why you’d be saying my wife constantly criticizes me. The great part is that nearly all of them lead to one major problem, which means that there’s really one major fix. It’s getting this fix right that can be the sticking point.

So what are some of the reasons that your wife is constantly criticizing you? Let’s go through them now…

Reasons Your Wife is Criticizing You…

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