I Think My Wife Hates Me What Do I Do Now?

There’s nothing worse than when the thought creeps into your mind “I think my wife hates me”.

I mean even if you haven’t been getting along well in your marriage it’s still a painful revelation to say the least. So if you’re in that position right now I can totally relate. And first of all I’m really sorry that you’re having to feel that right now.

But there are some things to take into consideration so that you can keep your sanity. I know that you must be thinking what are some way that I can get my wife to love me again.

Well there are ways, but is that what you really should be focusing on right now? I actually think that you’d be better off thinking of ways to get your wife to simply understand you, and more so, you’d be MUCH better off focusing on ways to understand your wife, and even more importantly yourself.

You see, your relationship problems aren’t created in a vacuum. You’ve surely heard the term it takes two to tango and your relationship is truly no different at all. So in other words while it’s easy to sit around and think of all the things that you’ve done to make your wife hate you, there are plenty of things that she could be doing differently.

On the same token, while there are things that you can think of that make you think that your wife is wrong…well there are plenty of things that you could do to actually make your marriage better on your own. If your saying I think my wife hates me, it’s obviously for a reason.

It may actually not be true that she hates you…but there are likely plenty of things that you’re doing to tick her off. So it’s time to be real with yourself. It’s time to reflect on the things that YOU can do to change your marriage. You’ve got 50% of the blame, but you’ve also got 50% ability to fix your marriage. So there’s no time like now to get started with that.

It’s time to get it out of your mind that I think my wife hates me, and instead get it into your mind that I’m going to do whatever I have in my power to save my marriage.