My Wife Never Says She Loves Me – What Does That Mean for Your Marriage as a Husband?


My Wife Never Says She Loves MeAre you stuck in a marriage, scratching your head in wonderment, saying my wife never says she loves me?

If you’re in this position and you’re worried about your marriage going downhill fast, then you really need to pay special attention right now.

This could mean trouble…

Should I Panic If My Wife Never Says She Loves Me

Now here’s the thing. This could mean terrible trouble for your marriage, but it could also be absolutely nothing. You may be panicking and your wife just isn’t the type of person who goes around say I love you all the time.

That does happen.

However it still means that there’s a lot of room for improvement and it also tells me that your wife doesn’t adore you. You’re not the man that makes her swoon anymore. That’s especially apparent if she USED TO say I love you all the time, and now she’s stopped.

So you’ve got some work to do either way. You can turn this around.

Now here’s the thing that must happen first. You must accept responsibility, and take some of the blame that YOU haven’t the things that you could be doing that make a woman…and yes even a wife,..melt when she sees you.

Most men mistakenly think that this is something that automatically goes away just because you’ve been married for a while. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just think, you’ve had all this time with your wife, so she should be completely and totally obsessed with you at this point if you think about it.

But don’t worry, because you probably didn’t even realize this was possible. And you’re not alone. I too thought this was the norm. I was happy just to get along with my wife, until I realize that I could make her love me more, become nearly obsessed with me, and well…be completely attracted to me. And you know what that means!

Here’s what it takes. It takes being the man that your wife truly wants. It means being the type of man that makes women obsessed with them. We’ve all seen them. And usually us guys make the mistake of thinking it’s because of looks, or money, or material things.

Not even close to true, and I’m sure you can think of example to prove that. I’m sure you can think of those guys who always have women swooning over them and you sit there and think…why? How the heck is the guy doing it?

The Secret to Making Your Wife Swoon and Never Have to Say My Wife Never Says She Loves Me Again

Here’s the secret right here in this article, that could absolutely change your married life forever.

The thing is that your wife must be attracted to you before she can get those fuzzy feelings of obsession for you. And the type of man that she is attracted to, down to her core…down to her DNA…is an alpha man who is (or at least seems to be) in charge.

A leader is what your wife is looking for. Of course it’s so buried down deep in her DNA that she really doesn’t even get this. She thinks that all of these things that society makes her believe is what she wants, but the proof always shows up when a man starts acting like the alpha male that she really wants. It’s an amazing transformation, and you’ll quickly stop even worrying about having to say my wife never says she loves me because she’ll be showing it in more ways than one.

So now the question is how you become this man that your wife wants you to be.

How do you become the guy who never has to say my wife never says she loves me?

There are some very precise things that you must do to become that guy and turn this around very fast.

There are 3 traits that will get you there fast…find out what they are by clicking here now.

My Wife Never Wants to Make Love – The Ugly Truth To Why This Is Happening and a Solution to Fix It!


My Wife Never Wants to Make LoveAre you stuck in a marriage where you’re saying my wife never wants to make love, and you want to find a way to turn it around?

If you’re getting impatient with your wife’s lack of interest in making love to you, and you feel like it’s about to ruin your marriage, then it’s time you learned the ugly truth about why this is really happening, and what to do about it.

The ugly truth is that it’s more your fault than your wife’s, and the reason she doesn’t want to make love to you is because she’s not attracted to you. But you can turn this around…

How to Go from My Wife Never Wants to Make Love to My Wife Always Wants to Make Love! ALWAYS!

I’m guessing that you may not have expected me to pin this on you. You probably wanted to read about how messed up and mean your wife is and that she’s at fault. You probably wanted to hear that this is what happens normally in a marriage and that you shouldn’t worry, and that it will all pass like a bad dream.

Sorry, I wish I could tell you that.

But the truth is that you haven’t been doing the things, and acting in a way that creates attraction in your wife to where she not only wants to make love when you want to, but actually initiates and wants to make love to you all the time. A point to where she is on the brink of obsessed with you.

Nah, that doesn’t happen for married couples right? That’s just for the single guys! Wrong, wrong, wrong!

It happens in marriage where men act like men, and they know how to get their wife immensely attracted to them, and keep that attraction running a high fever.

You see, your wife isn’t attracted to you anymore because you’ve stopped acting in the one way that truly gets her attraction glands flowing. It’s what women want down to their core. It’s what they’ve wanted and looked for subconsciously for thousands of years, and it’s stuck in their DNA.

And the truth is, if you asked her she wouldn’t probably even know how to verbalize the fact that she wants a MAN! She wants an alpha male, who is the leader of the family, and acts that way. She doesn’t want what nearly every man in a relationship becomes which is a beta male, who has been beaten into submission by their wife.

This comes directly from the fact that your wife doesn’t really understand on a conscious level what she really wants in a man that will make her highly attracted, and make you never say again my wife never wants to make love.

But the results speak for themselves when you actually DO start acting like an alpha male, by acting on the traits of a true leader in a relationship.

So now the question is how you become this man that your wife wants you to be.

How do you become the guy who never has to say my wife never wants to make love?

There are some very precise things that you must do to become that guy and turn this around very fast. There are 3 traits that will get you there fast…find out what they are by clicking here now!

My Wife Hates Me – What to Do When You Think Your Wife Hates You


My Wife Hates MeMy wife hates me…it’s a terrible thought…and it hurts doesn’t it?

I know it killed me when I used to think that.

It was horrible. Here the one person in the world that I thought the world of (well, sometimes) and basically she couldn’t stand me.

When You Think My Wife Hates Me, It’s Not Always Easy To Do the Right Thing

This was one of the toughest periods of my life by far. I didn’t know what to do, or how to think. It didn’t feel like there was a way out for me. Do you feel like that in your marriage?

If so then I want to tell you that you need to take a deep breath. Actually you need to take a sigh of relief. Because even though it may feel like your marriage is about to tank, if you’ll do a few things right things will work out.

My Wife Hates Me – How This Is Possibly the End

But not doing things right could mean the end of the marriage, simply because you’re on borrowed time here. I hate to say that, but it’s the truth and here’s why…

Your wife has likely slowly but surely been losing a ton of attraction and respect for you. Believe it or not those two things pretty much go hand in hand with one another. Most men don’t realize this, but it’s the absolute truth. That’s why it’s vital that you learn to do the things that first of all keep your wife from hating you, and second of all, build huge attraction.

You see, when you say I think my wife hates me, what you’re really saying is that my wife has lost a ton of attraction for me, and therefore no longer has any reason to feel like she wants to keep me around.

And then you go and you do all of the things that you think that she wants from you. You buy her gifts, you take her for “date night”, you kiss her ass, you try to be more affectionate. But what you’re really doing is totally and completely lowering YOUR value in her eyes.

What you need to do instead is exactly what I did…

What I Did When I Was Saying My Wife Hates Me

What I did was begin to be more like the man that she TRULY wanted down deep to her core.

You see, your wife may say, and even thinks herself that what she wants is a guy who’s going to do all those things I talked about above…buying gifts, kissing her ass, etc. But that’s not what she wants down to her core. It’s not what she wants down into her DNA from centuries ago when she was a cavewoman.

Back then she wanted a true caveman who was a strong alpha male type of leader. And guess what she wants now… That’s right…the same type of guy. It may fly in the face of everything else you read or hear, but guess what…

Right now you’re reading this article because you’re thinking my wife hates me. What you’ve been doing hasn’t worked, and now look where you’re at.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. Don’t be insane! It’s time to do something different and get a different and much better result where your wife ends up highly attracted to you again, and basically infatuated with you. Your entire marriage will chance drastically.

If you want to learn how to go from my wife hates me… to my wife can’t get enough of me and my sex life is amazing, then click here now!

My Wife Says She Is Not In Love With Me – Help…What Do I Do to Get Her Back?

My Wife Says She Is Not In Love With MeAre you in a position where you’re stuck saying my wife says she is not in love with me?

Having anyone say they don’t love you anymore is a painful experience. This is even more so when it comes from one so dear to your heart…someone like um…your wife.

How could she say that? After all those years of hard work that I put into this relationship to make it work. Doesn’t she know how much I love and care for her? How could my wife say that she isn’t in love with me?


Before you proceed in a destructive and ultimately meaningless downward spiral of self-pity and hatred, I want to make something clear to you. When you wife says that she doesn’t love you anymore, she doesn’t really mean it.


Well let me explain. When females think and communicate, they do so primarily base on emotions. Those words are in reality a desperate plea of help. Trust me when I say this… but females hate divorces much more than us men. The fact that she’s here, sharing her feelings with you, is a sign that she still cares for you and this marriage. She hasn’t given up hope.

That means that the situation is salvageable.

Before you run off to book an appointment with your therapist or marriage counsellor, I want to point out something to you.

Despite the sheer amount of money, time and effort invested into these so called “therapies”, the United States still ranks among the top 10 countries with the highest divorce rates. What I am driving at is that these so called “counsellors” are in fact just as clueless as you are when it comes to salvaging relationships. If you know a couple who’s been to “therapy” before, you probably know just how helpful it was.

My Wife Says She Is Not In Love With Me – So What Do I Do?

I want you to throw out the conventional wisdom and whatever preconceived notions that you have of how females function. There’s a simple explanation why everyone out there is failing – their methods are just plain wrong.

First off, you need to know that females function on very different levels from us. We males, tend to make our decisions based on logical reasoning. And that works great most of the time. However, this approach fails us when we try to “work things out” with our partners.

Females are programmed biologically to make their decisions based on emotions and feelings. When we sit down and talk about “our feelings”, it doesn’t work because we are approaching it from two entirely different angles.

The solution? Appeal to her emotions and create attraction!

You need to stop rationalizing her behaviour and start acting. Become the man that she once fell in love with. You need to stoke the feelings of passion and love and get her engaged and interested with you once again. By seizing the day (and her heart), she will rediscover the feelings that she always had for you. In doing so, the words “My wife says she is not in love with me..” will soon be a thing of the past… Click here to see exactly what I did.

My Wife Constantly Criticizes Me

Are you stuck in a marriage where you’re helplessly saying my wife always criticizes me? It’s troublesome, to be honest downright annoying.

But the truth is that you created the environment for this to happen, and now you have to create the environment where it WON’T happen. But you’ve got to do it right or things can just get worse…and fast!

What To Do When You’re in a Marriage Where You’re Saying My Wife Constantly Criticizes Me

There’re really only a few good reasons why you’d be saying my wife constantly criticizes me. The great part is that nearly all of them lead to one major problem, which means that there’s really one major fix. It’s getting this fix right that can be the sticking point.

So what are some of the reasons that your wife is constantly criticizing you? Let’s go through them now…

Reasons Your Wife is Criticizing You…

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My Wife Resents Me

Are you in a marriage where you’re constantly saying and thinking my wife resents me? I know this is a very stressful thing, because I was there once…and there are tons of other men there now as well.

If you feel your wife resents you, or if she says she resents you, it’s important to realize that this CAN be turned around. But you have to act fast, and you have to do things a certain way. But first you have to…

Understand Why You’re In a Marriage Saying My Wife Resents Me

There are plenty of surface reasons that will cause a wife to begin resenting a husband.

Here’s the deal. If you’re abusive, then I can’t help you with this article. Actually yes I can, I can tell you that you must get help IMMEDIATELY! You need not to worry about how you’ll look to others, you need only to get your wife out of the abusive situation, and help for yourself.

Now if that’s not the issue, then the surface reasons are very likely not the real issues.

What does that mean?

You’ll see very soon.

Most of the time the resentment will show up as something like “you don’t spend enough time with me”, “you don’t treat me special enough”, “you don’t buy me gifts”, etc. etc. All of the usual things that you hear that a husband is supposed to do!

If you’re not spending any time with your wife, and you’re completely neglecting her then there might be some validity there. But for the most part this is not the real reason. It may be what your wife actually FEELS is the reason, but the truth is that what’s more than likely happened is that you’ve seized to be the MAN in her life that she needs.

This will cause feelings of resentment…but here’s the tricky part…she may not even realize it.

This is the thing. Most women don’t realize that down deep, what they need in a man is an alpha male. They’re ultra attracted to this type of man down deep to their core, way back from their cave woman days. It’s built into their DNA.

But what they’re told by society is that they need a beta man, who kisses their butts and buys them flowers, etc. etc. The thing is that if you’re a man that’s kissing your wife’s butt, and your not being the type of alpha male that they NEED then they still will resent you.

It can be very confusing for everyone involved, but ultimately the answer is to become the alpha male that she ultimately down deep to her core truly wants.

That will not only end you having to say my wife resents me, but will have your wife nearly worshiping you, basically becoming more attracted to you than ever before.

But how do you turn into this MAN that your wife wants you to be, and what is that exactly? How do you get to a point where you’re no longer saying my wife resents me?

There are some very specific things that you can do to turn this around extremely fast…to find out exactly how click here now!

My Wife Yells All the Time

Are you one of those poor guys who has to be in a marriage, saying my wife yells all the time, what they heck do I do?

Well if so then you’ve certainly got a problem on your hands.

But you’ve also got quite an opportunity to turn your wife’s passion, and her yelling, into something more beneficial to you.

Why You’re Having Trouble and Having to Say My Wife Yells All the Time…

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My Wife Wants a Divorce I Don’t – What Nobody Else Will Tell You About This Very Crucial Problem

My Wife Wants a Divorce I Don'tIf you’re in a situation where you’re saying my wife wants a divorce I don’t, then this might be the most important thing you’ve ever read.

Right now is a crucial time in your marriage, and if you listen to most other so called “experts” you’ll probably end up screwed.

I’m about to tell you what most won’t.

The Truth to Why You’re Saying My Wife Wants a Divorce I Don’t

So here’s the deal. You’re saying my wife wants a divorce and you’re worried sick over it right?

Well there’s a good chance that if you haven’t done anything that you feel is major, like cheating, or being abusive, then it’s actually still your fault…but a much easier fix to your problem. That is unless the damage is beyond repair. But if it’s the case of what I’m about to share with you then it’s likely not permanently broken.

The truth is that your wife wants a divorce because you’re not the MAN that she wants.

Now you’re saying duh, I know that. But look at that word man in the last sentence. Did you notice that it’s capitalized? It’s capitalized because when I say man, I mean you’re not the kind of man that she NEEDS in order to be attracted to and want to be with you.

The kind of man a woman needs is simple. Your wife, to her core…and it’s genetically implanted into her DNA so it’s not even her fault – needs an alpha type of man. Your wife cannot be attracted to a beta man who has basically been proverbially castrated, even though (and this is where it gets tough to understand) she may have been the one to castrate you.

The fact is that your wife probably doesn’t even understand that she wants or needs this.

But This is Different, and Not Why I’m Saying My Wife Wants a Divorce I Don’t

I’ve been giving marriage advice for a while now online, and have a lot of husbands coming to me saying “yeah but this is different.” They tell me that they’ve got this specific problem, or that specific problem that doesn’t relate to what I’m saying.

But then when I explain to them that specific problems are simply symptoms of this fact that their wife isn’t attracted to the beta man that they’ve become, then they begin to realize that what I’m saying is correct.

You see, if your wife is highly attracted to you because she looks at you as the alpha male of the home. If she sees you as the guy who is in charge, as a leader who is the king of the castle, then all of the symptoms begin to disappear.

What begins to appear fortunately is a surge in physical and sexual attraction. Those are the symptoms of you being the alpha male. This happens in the dating the world and it happens equally as well in the world of marriage. Women don’t change because of their marital status. They’ve always been looking for that alpha male, you probably just played the part better when you were just dating. Or she simply didn’t live with you, so she didn’t see it in you.

Or like I said above, she may have unknowingly castrated your manhood basically, little by little…not understanding that she was creating her own version of a man that she’s not attracted to.

If you’re saying my wife wants a divorce I don’t, then you need to realize this IS likely your huge problem.

But how do you turn into this MAN that your wife wants you to be, and what is that exactly? How do you get to a point where you’re no longer saying my wife wants a divorce?

There are some very specific things that you can do to turn this around extremely fast…to find out exactly how click here now!

My Wife Talks to Other Men

Are you unfortunate to be in a world where you’re saying my wife talks to other men, and don’t know what to do about it?

That’s a terrible thing to witness and watch happen. I know it rips your heart out, and you want to end it fast.

The truth is that YOU probably caused this, and that you can’t fix it by force, but only by changing some things about yourself.

A Careful Understanding of Why You’re Stuck Wondering Why My Wife Talks to Other Men

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My Wife Wants to Leave Me

Are you in a panic right now thinking “my wife wants to leave me” and don’t know what to do about it?

Are you wondering how to change my wife’s mind and make her want to stay?

You’re not alone, it’s happened to many men before you. But the men who did the right things, and changed themselves in the right particular ways are the one’s that ended up with an even better marriage than ever before.

How to Fix Things When You’re Saying My Wife Wants to Leave Me

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